Pros and Cons of Part-time Jobs for Students


Sleepless nights, tons of reading materials, endless project deadlines, hundred cups of coffee, and nonstop school fees—these are just some struggles college students are experiencing. As a student, you might have once said, “College is ridiculously tough.” Moreover, it’s challenging for students to budget their finances. 2024  If your allowance lacks for the whole month, you might consider applying to a part-time job. According to Philippine Statistics Authority, 35.2% of employed Filipinos are working part-time. However, their reasons vary. Some want to earn extra income, gain experiences, and develop helpful skills. Students like you should learn the part-time job pros and cons before joining the workforce.

There are tons of opportunities awaiting you. You can apply as a tutor, teacher’s assistant, or barista. Good thing is there are home-based jobs now. You can be an online tutor, writer, social media manager, or graphic designer. 2022 However, your doubtful heart is normal. If you want to take the risk, you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of part-time jobs first, then decide.

Weighing the Part-time Job Pros and Cons Before Joining the Workforce

Knowing the Part-time Job Pros and Cons Before Joining the Workforce

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Get a Part-time Job While Studying

At the end of the day, it’s your call to pursue a part-time job. One thing you should think about is your priority. If you believe you can work without compromising your grades, then make a run for it. Just remember the benefits of working while studying.

Finally, the first step after weighing the part-time job pros and cons is to submit your resume. Start building your resume and cover letter.  Job posting sites are perfect for you.  Ace your application, ensure employer callback, and get your first-ever part-time job with Filworx. Known for its partnerships with several companies, Filworx provides job vacancies all over the Philippines. For more details, go to Filworx or contact us at (02) 868-0096.

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