Ace Your Job Search Toward Career Success

Like technology, the job search scene has evolved. With the emergence of job portals, online forums, and innovative ways of professional networking, job seekers and employers face a relatively more challenging application and hiring processes. Before heeding the top tips to ace your job search, one must know the common struggles and troubles job seekers face during a job hunt.

Why Job Seekers Have Trouble Finding a Job

Job search can sometimes get complicated especially if you are not aware of the job search trends. Avoid getting troubled by preparing well for your job hunt. With that, learn from these challenges on why job seekers have a hard time finding and landing a job.

1. Paucity of experience.

One common reason why job seekers are having a hard time finding and landing the best jobs is their lack of relevant credentials and experiences. This may be pertinent for fresh graduates and career shifters among others. However, you can always work your way around this case. If you’re still studying and on the look for part-time jobs, take this chance to earn experiences and skills you deem will help you gain leverage when you enter the workforce. If you’re searching for a full-time job, find the best highlights of your internship experiences or volunteer works. State your achievements, transferable skills, and the details of your past career on your job application.

2. No clear job search plans.

Job search plays an important role in shaping one’s professional career. However, some job seekers fail to have a productive job hunt because of having unclear steps in mind. Let’s face it: Job search can be a bit nerve-wracking, mainly because we don’t know what to expect from it. But if you let your “unpreparedness” hinder you in achieving career success, you might get lost and in turn, fail landing your target job. That’s why preparation is key to gain more control over your job application, even if whether you’ll land the job is in the hands of the hiring manager.

3. Unpolished job search tools.

Employers need effective job search tools to assess and filter the best candidates for the job post. These documents also help them know how these potential candidates can contribute to the growth of the company. However, many job seekers still overlook their application; putting less effort in writing these tools. Sending out a generic resume to multiple job positions and different companies is an example of common job search mistakes. Having a one-size-fits-all application tool won’t ensure a smooth job hunt. Also, some job seekers fail to follow the requirements set by their target employers. Not all recruiters require the very same application documents, such as a 1-page resume and a cover letter. Some companies require more than that, and it’s important to submit the complete requirements to avoid having your application rejected.

4. Poor job interview skills.

Some may have well-polished job search tools and even the most fitting credentials to land the job. While this may be true, their fate suddenly turns when the job interview comes. Unfamiliar with the usual flow of a job interview? Research online, or better yet, ask friends, mentors, and colleagues who are well-acquainted with how job interviews go. This way, you’ll get better ideas on how you must answer the questions to be asked.

Improve Your Job Search Through These Tips

Job search tips for a successful career In October 2019, the Philippine Statistics Authority or PSA estimated the employment rate at 95.5%. Be part of this statistic and start your career journey. Now, you may wonder: How can I get hired easily? Heed these fool-proof tips to gain more control over your job search game and increase your chances of landing your target job!
  1. Know your career goals. One of the most common job interview questions is: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 10 years? Even before you start your job search, try to reflect upon this and plot out the career path you’ll take. This helps you lay down your career goals and develop better plans on how to reach them.
  2. List potential companies and job posts. Shortlist your target employers and job posts to make your job search organized. Job portals are very useful for job seekers nowadays. You can even visit online forums and groups about jobs in the Philippines you can apply for.
  3. Work on your job search tools seriously. Your job search tools such as resume or CV, cover letter, and other documents serve as your “elevator pitch”. These help you present your best self before employers on how and why you’re fit for the position.
  4. Rehearse for job interviews. Be familiar with the most commonly asked job interview questions so you can prepare how to properly answer them without being all over the place during the actual event.
  5. Record and track your applications. Maintain a record of your applications to help you track your job search status. This also lets you assess your progress and not miss any job opportunity by getting everything in place.

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