Job Portal Advantages for Job Seekers and Employers


Job portals have changed the job search game and hiring process altogether. Today, job seekers can find career opportunities at their own comfort. They can use online job posting sites to find professions that best fit their career pathway. With the aid of the Internet, a job portal can greatly boost a person’s job seeking efforts and firms’ hiring process. In effect, looking and getting a job today has become easier, more accessible, and faster. Do you want to learn more about job portals? Check our article below and be amazed with this breakthrough.

What is a job portal?

Job portals, also known as career portals, are modern versions of job boards. These sites allow job seekers to post their applications online and apply to posts which they deem suitable to their career track. Similarly, it also lets firms review posted resumes and find qualified candidates for the job. Job portals also make it possible for firms to reach as much candidates as possible for their job vacancies.

A hiring manager using a job portal to look for the best candidates

What is the importance of job portals?

One of the major advantages of applying for a job online is the availability of endless job opportunities. Job seekers can easily access a wide array of job vacancies through job search engines, at their own phase. Aside from that, most job portals today have filters which help users narrow down results. This feature makes it easier for job seekers to choose a definite career.

Likewise, online job search sites can help employers speed up their hiring process. It would be easier for hiring managers to check job applications online than manually scan printed resumes. Hence, job portals help them save time and effort. To help you understand this better, we created an in-depth review of the benefits of job portal websites for job seekers and employers.

Pros of Using Job Portals for Job Seekers

1. Cost-Effective

Does walk-in application take a huge toll on your pockets? Aside from food and transportation, you also have to spend for your professional outfit to look presentable. Worry no more for a job portal lets you search jobs without breaking your wallet. All you have to do is submit your resume online and wait for your future employer’s response.

2. Regular Job Alerts

A good job portal provides regular job alerts whenever there are job openings for you. This way, you won’t miss a chance to apply for your target job and jump-start your career. Likewise, you can explore more posts to gain better options.

A job seeker searching for advantages of using a job

3. Confidential

Once you register in a job portal, all your skills, achievements, and personal details will be kept completely private. This will be kept safe unless you allow them to share your details to your future employers. Also, job portals keep your job search history confidential which allows you to do this task secretly.

4. Efficient

Job portals are the most efficient job search tools. With these portals, can apply for a job effortlessly. According to Zety, firms take 39 days on average to hire a new employee. Instead of going to your target firm, you can simply submit your resume online. After submitting, you can sit back, relax, and wait for your future employers to respond.

5. More Job Opportunities

Career portals provide a full array of job choices from top companies. This means you have a better chance of searching the job you want wherever and however you want it.

Pros of Using Job Portals for Employers

1. Easier Choosing of Candidates

As an employer, your goal is to fill your company with the best people. Using a job portal in your hiring process makes it easier for you to select the best applicant for the job. With this, you’ll have a list of applicants with your required skills, achievements, and experience.

An employer using a job portal while writing on a document and using her laptop

2. Promotes Firm’s Brand

Job portals gives you a chance to promote your firm in a better light. In line with this, said that 80% of employers agree that branding boosts their ability to attract talent. When a job seeker explores career opportunities, the first thing they’ll check is your firm’s background. They’d want to know what kind of work culture, environment, and career growth opportunities you have. With that, a career portal will give your firm a positive impression.

3. Easy Resume Search

Job portals have easy-to-use search filters. Using these features will make your hiring process faster. These filters will help you shortlist the most fitting candidates for the job. Similarly, they can reach resumes with the right set of skills and experiences. With that, you don’t have to look through hundreds of job seekers’ resumes one by one. These filters will screen out irrelevant resumes for you so you can get the most capable applicant as soon as possible.

All in all, a job portal can help both job seekers and employers alike. These job portals have aided thousands of applicants get a job in the most convenient way. Similarly, career portals have helped firms hire the best of the best candidates for a lower cost and time. Looking for a credible job portal? You’re in the right place! Through years, Filworx has helped hundreds of job seekers get hired at their preferred companies. Looking for a job? Check out our page and browse through our job listings! You can also follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

A job seeker who got hired because he used a job portal as a job search tool