Workplace Motivation Playlist: Songs to Play to Beat Monday Blues


Monday starts another workweek for most students and professionals. It comes right on the heels of your weekend get-together or relaxation. It starts another week of responsibilities and deadlines. Monday mornings involve traffic jams and all the hassle you could ever think of. These make Monday the most “dreadful” part of the week. We often call this situation “Monday Blues”—a term used to describe the sadness, stress, and laziness felt during Monday mornings. If you’re one of the thousands of people who feel this way, don’t worry; there are ways to beat your Monday Blues. One of the best and easiest ways to uplift your mood is to listen to your favorite set of songs—your very own workplace motivation playlist.

Beat Monday Blues with Good Music

Can a good office music help you feel good and empowered all-day?

According to Kellogg Insight, Professor Derek Rucker and three of his colleagues—Loran Nordgren, Li Huang, and Adam Galinsky—of Kellogg School of Management, conducted a study of “whether music can evoke a [person’s] sense of power and produce power-related cognition and behavior.” To answer this, the researchers gathered participants and made them listen to various songs. Afterwards, they asked them to rate on a seven-point scale on how “powerful, dominant, and determined” the songs made them feel. Based on the survey, the top songs are Queen’s We Will Rock You, 2 Unlimited’s Get Ready for This, and 50 Cent’s In Da Club.

Aside from the music’s volume, tempo, genre, and lyrics; the researchers also considered the bass level as one factor that made these songs a “power-inducing music.” Thus, you can add high-power songs in your office jams to uplift your mood and help you focus.

Your Go-To Workplace Motivation Playlist

Since music can instantly brighten up your Mondays, the next step is to find a good playlist for work. Beat your Monday Blues with this work-appropriate playlist made of feel-good songs!.

Workplace Motivation Playlist: Feel-good Songs to Beat Your "Monday Blues"

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So, what are you waiting for? Add these songs to your workplace motivation playlist, hit that play button and beat that Monday Blues! Be more productive at work by reading tips that will help you become efficient. Visit Filworx website for more career tips and job opportunities.

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