Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our commonly asked questions and be fully
guided as you use Filworx for your job hunt.

1. What is Filworx?

Filworx is a FREE job site that initially caters to job applicants all over the Philippines. We are affiliated with several companies that post different vacancies. This way, we are able to maintain a fresh record of new career opportunities for many job seekers nationwide.

2. How does it differ from other job posting sites?

We are different in other job postings sites for the following reasons:
a. the company is initially open for registration to job seekers only
b. we are affiliated with many companies, which allow us to keep an updated record of new hiring
c. we will remain a free job site for job hunters
d. we cater to Filipino citizens and those who reside in the Philippines only

3. Is this exclusive to Filipino job hunters only?

Filworx caters to job seekers who are Filipino citizens and who are residing in the Philippines only. All jobs being posted here are located within the country.

4. Who are qualified to create an account?

Everyone ages 18 years old and above can create an account with us, regardless if you are a new graduate or already with work experience.

5. How do I know that companies on Filworx are trustworthy?

All the companies that post vacancies in our website are legit and ultimately trustworthy. Since they are our affiliates, we have developed a long, professional relationship with them so we can guarantee that every job posting is valid.

6. Can I apply for multiple jobs at a time?

Yes. You can apply to multiple jobs at a time. There is no restriction on the number of applications you want to make.