Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how FilWorx guards and keeps your personal data safe and private. We gather them from you as you visit and use This policy also defines our interactions with you and how we use, share, store, and protect your personal information.
Parts of this Privacy Policy may apply only to Europe, California, and Nevada residents. So, if you are from one of these places, refer to the section that applies to your situation.
As you visit or use our website and services, you also agree to our Service Terms.

General Security

Data we collect from you, including work experience and educational background, will not be utilized in any transaction other than what FilWorx intends for their use. We value your privacy. All pieces of information that we may ask from you will be used only for job application processes. Critical data, including e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, and other contact details will be kept confidential.

Sharing of Information

Any transaction will be kept private at all cost. Names shall not be visible on the website and other related mediums without due consent from users. We will only collect personally identifiable information (PII) once you submit them to us voluntarily.

User Registration

FilWorx requires your membership to use our services. To become a FilWorx member, job seekers and/or employers must register first on our website to set up an account. To do so, you must have a username, email address, and password. We will not make any of these information public and hope you will also do the same. It is also your responsibility to guard their privacy and security.

Gathered Personal Information

We collect and share your personal information to manage our transactions with and deliver better services to you.
Contact Details: FilWorx collects your full name, mailing address, phone number(s), email address, internet protocol address (IP Address), and other similar data.
Demographic Characteristics: We get your gender, ethnicity, education level, citizenship, and more.
Business Information: Member employers on FilWorx give these details willingly upon the conclusion of a hiring procedure.
Internet-Related Information: We also pile up your network-related activity for protection purposes such as your browsing and search histories and interaction with a website, an application, or an advertisement.
Geographic Location: We may gather your geographic position as well.
Credentials: These details may include your profession, work history, and education.
Reminder: Public data is beyond the scope of this Privacy Policy.

Sources of Personal Data

FilWorx may gather personal data from various resources.
From, You, the User. We collect the personal information you submit to us. They let you create your online account; communicate with us by email, phone, or contact form (where we may store your message(s) and our reply(ies)); forward job application documents; get or ask data from us; and reply to surveys.
a. E-mail Promotions. If you opt in to receive our advertisements, you must send us your email address. We will use this to send you advertising communications. We may hire third-parties or service companies to send communications to you. You may refuse such marketing emails by using the unsubscribe link in the email. Opting out of marketing announcements, however, does not remove you from getting non-marketing notifications such as messages about your account or transactions.
b. Comment(s). When you comment about our website, its content, or our services, we will not treat them as confidential. We may use them for any purpose in our sole discretion, as long as they do not identify you personally. We will use your feedback without paying or acknowledging you.
c. Job Application. To apply for work with a member employer, you may be redirected to a third-party website. The member employer may require you to create an account with them. Therefore, for your safety, we urge you to review its terms and privacy statement in using its website. If you send us your job application documents, we will use and share them only to assess your qualifications to work with a member employer and its partners.
d. Live Chat. If you use our live chat, we will collect all texts and other data you submit through it. We may also gather details related to your communication with us.
e. Professional Experience. We will gather your personal and professional data when you upload your resume to our website.
We Collect Personal Information Automatically. FilWorx collects specific details from you when you use our website.
Account Activity. We may collect data on how you use (i) your online account and (ii) our website when your account is active or in use.
Cookies and Other Tracking Tools. We may use analytics services, cookies, and other tracking tools on our website. A cookie is a small data file that a website sends or saves to your computer or device when you access it. We use cookies to help our website function well, keep it secure, market our services, communicate with you in a personal way, and upgrade it and our services. Cookies may be “first-party” or “third-party” cookies. A first-party cookie lets your browser approach the actual website you access (i.e. this website). A third-party cookie lets your web browser approach a third-party website such as the source of an ad on it or a third-party analytics provider.
Our website cookies may collect:
  • IP address(es) assigned to your electronic device(s);
  • your estimated physical location;
  • pages you accessed or clicked;
  • date, time, and how long you have stayed on the website;
  • your operating system, browser, search requests, and other related details;
  • websites you access before and after going to our website; and
  • related data to how and when you use the website.
FilWorx may merge both cookie and personal data, including the ones we obtained from other sources.

Disabling Cookies

Most browsers accept cookies. You can restrict them by changing your browser settings. However, disabling them may affect your use and appreciation of our website. In addition, not all website features or functions may work properly if you disable cookies.
Interest-Based Advertising. We use third parties to bring interest-based advertising services. They may offer you, on our behalf, tailored promotions based on estimates of your interests taken from your website visits over time and across diverse platforms. The details they gathered may relate to your personal information. In addition, the advertisements may appear on FilWorx and on other websites. Further, you may receive them by email.
FilWorx applies Google Analytics to gather and handle information on your website use. Google sets cookies on your browser or device, and your web browser will then send the information back to it. Google uses them to give us reports that we use to gauge better how users relate with our website.
1. We may also use other support services aside from Google Analytics that are not limited to the following:
  • Demographics (age, ethnicity, and gender) of users.
  • Google Search Console that measures website traffic and performance and fix, screen, and maintain the site’s presence in Google search results.
  • Google Ads that serves ads to various websites. Google uses cookies to gather data on your website use to produce targeted ads for you on other sites you visit. To opt out of this, to tailor your ad preferences, or to limit the collection or use of such data, visit and follow personalized ad opt-out instructions on Google. Opting out will not affect your website use.
2. We Collect Personal Information from Third-Party Sources. FilWorx gets users’ data from third-party companies and public sources. We may combine them with your personal information or with others we collect. These details improve our current data about users, our ability to contact you, and our marketing skills
3. Reasons for Gathering Your Personal Information FilWorx may use all the forms of personal information listed above for the following reasons:
  • Communication. We may use your personal information for the purposes stated or agreed-to (or as is clear) at the point of collection. For example, we use them to reply to your questions, comments, or complaints. We may also use them upon requesting or getting your consent.
  • Administration. We use your personal data to manage your accounts/profiles, ease transactions, inform you of our business plans, understand the website’s demographics and user preferences, and assess your applications.
  • Website Management. We use personal information to operate our website, resolve its problems, improve its content and functionality, analyze statistics, and tailor it to users.
  • Promotions. We may use your personal information to send you announcements or targeted advertising; tell you about our new services, features, and changes to our Terms of Use page or to this Privacy Policy; and post/send other related communications.
  • Protection of Our Rights. FilWorx may use your personal information to protect our and other parties’ legal rights and interests. This includes filing a legal action against a user or someone who may be causing us, our website, and those of others harm. We may also use them to seek business, financial, or legal advice; or respond to requests from authorities and other legal matters.
4. Forms of Third Parties and/or Service Companies with Whom We Share Your Personal Information We may share personal information as listed above with the following third parties and/or service companies:
  • Partners. We may your share personal information with our partners who must use them to perform business functions.
  • Service Companies. FilWorx may share your personal information with service partners. We may share them with other firms to help us host and manage the website; send you targeted advertising and other marketing communications; improve our site’s content and function; analyze statistical data; solve site issues; boost public relations; send you email; manage data; and secure the website.
  • Member Employers. We share job seekers’ information with member employers when they apply for a job, when they ask us to share them, or when they post their resume on our database.
  • Public Officials/Law Enforcement. We will cooperate with law enforcement and other public agencies, and may disclose personal information: (i) if they require us to do so legally; (ii) if our legal advisor asks us to disclose personal information; or (iii) if we must identify, contact, or bring a legal action against someone who may cause or be causing harm to, or meddling with FilWorx or another party’s legal rights.
  • Professional Counselors. We may share personal information with our attorneys, accountants, and financial and business advisors.
  • Change in Ownership. In the event that FilWorx (a) goes through a change of control; (b) must change ownership, in whole or in part; or (c) suffers a bankruptcy or a similar transaction, we may give your information to the succeeding owner(s), including as part of any due diligence procedure.
  • Other. FilWorx may share your personal information with third parties and/or service companies when requested or consented to by you; or for purposes for which you disclosed the personal information to us as specified or evident at the time and point of the disclosure.
5. Use and Release of Combined Information FilWorx may collect, use, share, move, and handle de-identified and combined information, for any reason in its sole discretion, observing applicable laws. It is the sole and exclusive owner of such information, including any data FilWorx de-identifies, so that they are no longer regarded as personal information under applicable laws.
6. Age Restriction To use FilWorx and its services, you must be Eighteen (18) Years Old. We do not collect, use, or share personal information from persons below Eighteen (18). If a parent or a legal guardian learns that his/her minor child(ren) gave us his/her/their personal information without a parent or legal guardian’s consent, contact us. We will make all reasonable attempts to delete their personal information.
7. Social Media We have social media accounts. Anything you post on social media is public information; hence, we will not treat them as private. We may post (or re-post) on our website and social media pages any comment or content you posted on any of those accounts.
FilWorx lets you connect and share data with social media platforms. These features may oblige us to use cookies, plug-ins, and application programming interfaces (APIs) from social media platforms to enable communications and features. The website may use advertising networks and services offered by social media platforms to bring marketing content. Using them requires the platforms to apply cookies or pixel tags to send you ads as you use our website
Not our Privacy Policy, but the legal policies of social media owners or operators rule your use of their platforms. We encourage you to review theirs also.
8. Data Protection We use tailored technical and organizational measures to help secure your personal information against loss, misuse, and change. If a breach of your personal data occurs, we will tell you about it as required under the applicable law
9. Users from Countries outside the United States If you are from outside the United States, please understand that your PII may be transferred to, stored and handled in the United States or in Canada.
10. Third-Party Websites FilWorx may link to, or be linked to, websites we do not own or control. We are not responsible for third-parties’ privacy policies or practices. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any third-party website or to any data you give to third parties. You should read the policy of each website you visit.
11. Provisions for California Residents Only This section sets other terms that apply only to California residents. In the event of a conflict between this section and the remainder of this Privacy Policy, this section’s provisions will precede it for California residents. Any capitalized terms in this section not defined in this Policy have the meanings stated in the CCPA.
For the personal information FilWorx gathers and discloses for business purposes, see Section 1.
Right to Opt Out of the Sale of Personal Information. California residents have the right to opt out of the sale of their personal information any time.
In the last Twelve (12) Months, we have not sold your personal information as defined in the CCPA.
Rights to Access and to Deletion of Personal Information. CCPA gives California residents certain rights. As per limitations such as (a) exceptions allowed by the applicable law and (b) confirmation of your identity, California residents have the following rights to their personal data:
  • Right to Request Access. You have the right to request access to any of the following which occurred in the past 12-month period: (a) the personal information we collected from you; (b) the sources from which we collect them; (c) the purpose(s) for collecting or selling them; (d) the third parties with whom we shared them; (e) the bits of information we collected from you; and (f) a list of the personal information we sold or disclosed for our business purpose in the last Twelve (12) Months.
  • Right to Request Deletion. You have the right to request us to delete the personal information we collected from you. We will respond to your request and tell our service partners to do the same, depending on a few exceptions allowed by the applicable law.
How to Exercise Your Rights of Access and Deletion. To exercise your California rights described in this section, you may send your request by completing our contact form.
Confirming Your Request. To confirm your request, you must give enough details to let us prove you are the person from whom we collected the personal information. You must send sufficient details to help us understand, assess, and react to your request.
When we receive your request to exercise your rights under the CCPA: (a) we will acknowledge its receipt; (b) we will try to match the information you gave in the request with what we already keep about you; (c) if required to verify your identity, we may ask you to send additional proof, including personal information; (d) we will consider various factors in determining your identity such as data sensitivity and significance, the risk of harm, or the probability of deceit.
We will only use them during the verification to confirm your identity. If you have an account with us, we may use it to act on your request and/or prove your identity. If we cannot prove your identity as required by applicable laws, we will not act on your request and will tell you the reason for our inaction. We will respond to your request for access or deletion within Thirty (30) Business Days. If we need additional time, we will tell you the reason and the extension period. Any disclosure we give will only cover the 12-month period preceding our receipt of your request. For data transferability requests, we will choose a format to send you your personal details. We may charge a fee for your request if it is excessive, repetitive, or speculative.
Non-Discrimination. California residents have the right to non-discriminatory treatment for exercising any of their rights under the CCPA.
Who May Exercise the Rights? You may send a request to exercise your rights solely on your behalf. You can also send a request, under the CCPA, through an authorized agent. Your authorized agent must be registered with the Secretary of State to conduct business in California. If you ask an authorized agent to request on your behalf, you must (a) give a signed permission to him/her to send a request on your behalf and (b) confirm your identity and permission for the authorized agent to submit the request on your behalf directly with FilWorx. For clarity, confirm your and your authorized agent’s identity
We may deny an authorized agent’s request if we cannot prove that you authorized him/her to act on your behalf.
Per the California Civil Code Section 1798.83, if you are a California resident, you have the right to ask for: (a) a list of all third parties with whom we may have disclosed your information within the past year for direct marketing purposes and (b) a description of the disclosed personal information by contacting us.
12. Provisions for Nevada Residents Only In the Nevada Law, Nevada residents may opt out of the sale of “personally identifiable information” for monetary consideration to a person that licenses or sells them to others. “Personally identifiable information” includes full name, postal address, email address, phone number(s), Social Security number, or any identifier that enables in person or online communication.
We do not engage in selling personal information. A resident of Nevada who uses our services may send us a request to opt out of any possible sale under Nevada Law by contacting FilWorx. Please note that we will take all necessary steps to prove your identity and request. Once confirmed, we will keep your request in the event of system changes.
13. Provisions for Europe Residents Only (GDPR Compliance) European Union-based clients will receive FilWorx’s request for their consent to let us gather personal information from them for the sole purpose of data handling.
In addition, European residents must note that we treat your details to conform to transactions we may have with you (e.g. if you use our services). You may also pursue our legitimate business interests. In the same way, please note that we will send your information outside Europe to places such as Canada and the United States.
14. Changes to this Privacy Policy FilWorx reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Such modifications shall be effective as soon as we post the modified policy on the website. Hence, we suggest you review the policy periodically. Your continued access or use of this website shall be deemed your acceptance of the changes.
15. Latest Privacy Policy update: August 23, 2021