3 Downers You Must Take To Get That (Career) High


Do you find it hard to get your best job in the Philippines? Despite how easy it is to send your resume to job sites, the waiting game played by potential employers may be a hard pill to swallow. When you’re at the edge, have you asked yourself, “How do I find good job opportunities?” Don’t worry; let your friends at Filworx help you as we give insights to achieve your goals!

A quick Google search on finding the best job will display a host of job search sites. The list of the highest-paying jobs in the Philippines also appears. How will you sort them to get your best job? In this article, we dare you to take these three ‘downers’. Ready to discover how they can influence your view on how to find the right job? Read on!

3 ‘Downers’ You Must Take to Jumpstart Your Career

Just to be clear, we’re not urging you to literally try depressants. While the actual drugs might slow you down, we want you to take the figurative downers—slowing down and examining every job post. This may seem tedious, but it’s worth it to sort which fits your notion of the best job. In return, doing so can give you that much-needed ‘high’: the sweet smell of success upon landing that coveted job. So what are you waiting for? Check out these ‘downers’ and let us know how high you’ve felt once you’ve succeeded in finding your best job using these tips!.

1. Sit Down and Think About You

Before starting your job hunt, sit down, and plan your next steps. Bear in mind, every job seeker wants the best job as you do; so define the factors which make you a worthy choice.

First, build an idea of your best job by defining the following:

  • Skills (What can you do best?)
  • Interests (What do you want to do?)
  • Values (Which values do you want your work to embody?)
  • Style (What type of work environment do you prefer?)

Each facet contributes in painting a vivid image of yourself as a professional, which you can use to convince hiring managers that you deserve the spot. When you determine the balance between your skills, interests, values, and style, you’ll find that perfect niche between a career you love and a job that pays well. Who knows, your best job opportunities might belong to the top 10 in-demand jobs in the Philippines.

No idea how to identify them? Don’t worry; you can always take a career test. Make sure it comes from valid sources and not from dodgy sites. What is the best career test, then? Check the nature of the test as well as the career experts who created it. Remember, a career quiz can you’re your discover your personality and weigh your attitude toward work. That said; don’t forget it’s simply a tool to help you look for the best job.  

2. Trim Down Your Job Chances

Now that you’ve tried the first ‘downer’, how does it feel? Do you think your job search will progress? Perhaps you’re a step closer to your dream job. But don’t stop there. Check out how this second ‘downer’ can get you the best jobs by considering “jobs near me.”

After listing your factors, enumerate the career choices which can later serve as your avenue for job opportunities. They may include:

  • Going back to school and studying again;
  • Attending seminars and training;
  • Finding volunteer work; and
  • Getting a part-time job.

Would you have more job chances if you study again? When you attend training and seminars, will it better hone your skills? Let’s not also forget the impact volunteer work and part-time jobs have on your resume. With so many avenues for your next best job, better rank them by priority. Which will most likely convert into your best job?

Moreover, don’t discount your friends and family! They can recommend how you can find the best jobs in the Philippines in 2019 while also helping you form your network, too. Who knows, they can introduce you to someone whose help can shape your career.

3. List Down Your Career Targets

Your choices considered and each job avenue checked out, it’s time to clear a path toward your desired job. Yes, going through the list of jobs in the Philippines can be a tiring task; but thanks to your two earlier downers, you’ve managed to narrow it down. Take the third and final downer to reach the ultimate career high!

As you search for your best job, create first a list of your career targets. Itemize your value offer to impress your future employers. Tick them done once you’re through so you can track your progress. While there may be hordes of vacancies the Philippine job market can offer, finding the job that best fits you can be a challenge. Hence, ensure that you can secure a spot with a list of career targets you need to ace.

Some career targets to get your best job include the following:

  • Finalize your criteria for the best job.
  • Create a well-written resume.
  • Regularly update your LinkedIn profile
  • Beef up your portfolio.
  • Attend regular seminars and training.
  • Join reputable job sites.
  • Inspect each job opening based on your criteria.
  • Apply and track your submittals.

Build Up Your Career with These Best Job Tips

With the three downers in your system, look forward to snagging the attention of the best jobs’ employers. As you’ve done your homework to build yourself up as the perfect candidate, eventually, you’ll get your rewards. What are you waiting for? Experience a career-high when you get nothing but the best job offers when you visit our list of the best jobs in the Philippines.

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