Six Innovative Recruitment Methods to Watch Out This 2020


Got any plans in improving your hiring processes? Filworx got you! In the fast-paced job market, hiring is one of the most crucial processes because it’s where you choose the right candidates for your company. And each year, the recruitment process evolves to aid both hiring firms and job hunters. In fact, Trading Economics said the unemployment rate in the Philippines has dropped to 4.5% this 2020. That only means you need to vie for top talents using smart solutions. So, what recruiting trends should you follow to find the best talents? Equip your hiring team with the latest recruitment trends this 2020!

6 Biggest Recruiting Trends in 2020

1. Automation

Tech advents are taking over various systems and methods across trades. If you are aiming for a larger scale of job seekers, automating your recruitment processes is highly advised.

Have you tried submitting your job openings to online job boards or career sites? How about tapping your online network to find top talents? Ever heard of video interview before?

Invest in automated HR tools and cut up to 17% in hiring costs.

If you want your team to succeed in finding the best talents, follow this hiring trend today!

2. Talent Pools

Talent pool is a database where you store candidates’ profiles and use them when you need one. Recruiters have been using talent pools already but they’re becoming more popular, especially today.

Since we have a competitive talent market, trades can’t afford to lose their skilled employees. Smart solution? Build a solid talent pool to help you fill the gaps in your talent shortage.

3. Collaborative Hiring

Referrals are one of the most effective ways to hire new workers. Imagine getting help from your current staff to fill the talent shortage. Instead of scanning for potential talents through job boards, hiring through referrals is a go-to method.

4. Candidate Experience

Today, we don’t just focus on the hiring process. A candidate’s experience during the hiring process matters in improving the staffing process itself.

From sourcing to the on-boarding phase, the applicant’s experience has value to improve hiring ways. You can ask them for feedback in the hiring process or let them answer a survey.

5. Flexible Hiring

Job seekers now are smarter in their choices and in analyzing job offers. Recently, the International Workplace Group revealed a survey showing that 80% of their respondents prefer job offers that came with flexible terms. You can tailor your job offers in various ways. But to sum up, it is one of the recruiting trends you must try.

6. Employer Branding

Brand is a key factor in drawing in the best job candidates. In fact, 75% of job seekers look for employer brands before sending their application. That’s why employer branding is crucial if you want to entice the best talents. A job hunter won’t even bother to ask for available job vacancies if you have a bad reputation.

Therefore, if you’d like to show off your company’s career opportunities, great facilities, and such perks, then build your employer brand first.

Employers talking about the importance of recruitment trends in business

The Importance of Recruitment Trends in Your Business

So, why is the hiring process vital to any business? Should you really invest in improving your current recruiting tools and follow the latest talent acquisition trends?

Let’s put it this way. A potential job seeker considers factors when looking for a job prospect. The job seeker may prefer the more accessible ways in finding a job. So, if you’re still using old tactics to find candidates, it’s time you upgrade your strategies.

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