Effective Salary Negotiation Tips: How to Get the Best Job Offer


What if they reject my offer? What if they take my position back? Sure, money talks during job interviews are agitating many job applicants. Speaking openly about it is often regarded as a cultural taboo when in fact; it could lead to a better job offer. Don’t miss this opportunity! Learn from these effective salary negotiation tips with HR and prepare for your next interview.

The Fear of Rejection

Small Business Trends blog says only “39% of workers tried to negotiate pay with their last job offer”. Why? Mainly because many job applicants are afraid their employers might reject them once they ask for a wage raise. Survey says around 43% respondents claimed they are afraid of being turned down. However, a recent study by Salary.com says failing to negotiate salary might be an employee’s pitfall. This might cause them to miss out what they should earn in a year. Thus, losing this opportunity leaves you tons of money on the table.

Is salary negotiation really a deal breaker? Not really. For instance, data shows people who negotiate receive an average of 25% more than they expected. Therefore, doing it right could give you a higher chance of earning your expected salary.

The Best Salary Negotiation Tips and Advice for You

Effective Salary Negotiation Tips You Must Know

Want to try it? Here are the top three tips on how you should negotiate salary during interviews:

Assess your work experience.  Research before your interview. Know the job position and the company you apply. Compare this position to your work experiences. Assess whether your qualifications fit the job. Also, You may also consult your friends in the same industry regarding their basic pay for reference.

Wait for the right time. Good timing is key. Don’t bring up this topic during introduction. Let the conversation flow as smooth as possible before you delve deeper into money matters. Another good tip is to wait until they are completely impressed with your performance before you start the talk.

Know your worth. Introduce a wide range of salary instead of telling specific figures. At least, you could have more opportunities to negotiate with your employer. Look for job boards and other job postings to have a good grasp of the rates in your chosen field.

Don’t be intimidated with money talks during the interviews. Consider these salary negotiation tips when answering wage-related questions and impress your employer with your knowledge and confidence. Looking for careers in the Philippines and other job openings online? Filworx is the best job portal for you. Sign up and start your career now!

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