Six Productive Tips During Unemployment


The number of jobless Filipinos is still remarkably high. However, based on the Labor Force Survey, unemployment rate slightly decreased by 0.2 percent in April 2018 compared to last year’s percentage. Although there was a decline, the number of Filipinos without a job is still at an estimated 2.36 million. That’s why productive tips during unemployment are necessary.

Nonetheless, joblessness happens to almost every people. Looking for a job is hard and getting hired is much harder. If you are part of the percentage, know that there are things you can do while unemployed. Dream jobs don’t come when one does nothing.

Useful and Productive Tips Perfect During Unemployment

Evaluate Yourself

People are fond of judging someone else’s attitude, they forget to judge their own. If you want to be a better professional, be honest in assessing yourself. Think of reasons why you were fired or why you lost interest in your previous job. Use the time to assess where you are good at, and where you want to improve.

However, objective self-evaluation is a challenge. If being honest with yourself isn’t easy for you, ask someone for help. It may be your former workmate, best friend, or family member. Tell them what you think of yourself and ask their insights. This way, you would know the areas to improve, whether in terms of character or skill.

Productive Tips: Evaluate Yourself Objectively

Re-read Books

When you are jobless, you have so much free time. So why not try paying your bookshelf a visit and re-reading your favorite book? This will not only keep you busy but also exercise your reading skills. Reading books keeps your brain active and engaged, which helps prevent dementia.  

Lewis Buzbee, an award-winning author, said that re-reading your old favorite books is a way of visiting your earlier self, and assessing how far you have become. If you want to focus on your career growth while waiting for a job, you may read great books that will improve your career.

Manage Your Budget

No job, no money. Many people have a hard time managing their budget when employed. Now, imagine the challenges for the jobless. If you want to survive unemployment, avoid buying things you don’t need.

Remember, the key to a successful budgeting is reflecting your priorities. If you want to make budgeting easier, choose from different budgeting systems. These include notebooks and pens, spreadsheets, or free online software. Take note of all expenses and list them down.

Productive Tips: Knowing Your Priorities for Budgeting

Update Your Resume or CV

Check and double-check your resume or curriculum vitae (CV). Update these requirements while you still have ample time.

If you already have a target career, consider the different formats of resumes. You may need to invest by hiring a resume writing service, but it may prove beneficial for your next job hunt.

Clean Social Media Presence

These days, hiring managers check the applicants’ social media profiles. Your behavior online has an effect on your application. Make sure to filter your posts and comments.

Also, try to search yourself on Google. This way, you will see your presence on the internet. Clean up as many grumpy and unethical posts, comments, photos, and videos as you can. Lastly, you may change your profile settings to limit your audience.

Productive Tips: Cleaning Social Media Posts and Comments

Start Looking for a Job

Finally, the best way to get out of unemployment is to look for a job. Use your learnings in your self-evaluation. Be firm on your desired career track to keep yourself happy.  Use free job sites. It is easier, faster and more effective than any kinds of job application processes.

Fortunately, there are ways on how you can enjoy unemployment. This is the moment when you will know yourself better. So, maximize your time doing these productive tips.

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