Work-Life Balance Tips to Avoid Workplace Stress


As we age, responsibilities also come our way. We often struggle to meet the demands of our work, family, friends, and loved ones. We focus on fulfilling their needs so much and forget ourselves. Overwork could result to over fatigue and stress. To help you overcome this, read these work-life balance tips.

Stress in the Workplace

According to Business News Daily, World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes work-related stress as the “health epidemic of the 21st century.” This is due to the growing number of employees who face stress due to workload. In fact, a recent study conducted by the Willis Towers Watson reveals that workplace stress is the top workforce risk factor faced by global industries.

Among many factors, “lack of work-life balance” is listed as one of the main issues that cause stress, as perceived by employers. Meanwhile, employees think low salary adds to their stress. Likewise, people feel stress when they experience unrealistic demands and challenges.

Work-Life Balance Tips To Reduce Stress

Work-Life Balance Tips

Forbes Magazine listed six easy-to-follow work life balance tips to help professionals manage work-induced stress:

Let go of perfectionism

Perfectionism is important to stand out in a competitive workplace. However, the pressure we put into ourselves is sometimes beyond our skills. This frustration often leads to stress and anxiety. We sometimes push ourselves too much that we forget our health. Thus, we must accept our shortcomings and change for the better. Try to learn from our mistakes and make challenges as our learning ground. Forbes suggests that instead of aspiring for perfection, strive for excellence.


Exposure to negative stories in social media can also bring stress. Try to “unplug” from these platforms for a certain period. Limit your exposure to laptops or phones. Instead of lurking online, use this time to immerse in more important activities. Reconnect with families and friends or learn a new set of skills.

Exercise and Meditate

Keep your body and mind fit through exercise and meditation. Exercising helps your body to produce a good amount of endorphins. Minutes of stretching makes you become energetic and relaxed than usual. This makes exercise as one of the best stress reliever. You may enroll to fitness clubs to motivate yourself to keep your body moving or find workout videos online.

Limit time-wasting activities and people

Cut off your toxic relationships. Learn to say “no” when you don’t favor a certain thing. Determine the people who help you grow from those who stop you from getting your full potential. This will also help you appreciate yourself better and happier.

Change the structure of your life

Accept that we cannot do everything alone and ask for others’ help if needed. You can delegate simple tasks to your family members. Use this opportunity to help other people learn and grow as a person. Moreover, include time for yourself and change your bad habits.

Start small. Build from there.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Let us appreciate our small efforts and achieve work-life balance little by little. Don’t be pressured to change everything immediately. Doing all these tips will help us improve our life, and later on will help us become happier individuals.

Stress is inevitable but manageable. However, if we let stress take over us, then we will lose later on. Follow these work-life balance tips to help you become happier and more successful. If you are still looking for your dream job, Filworx site offers a variety of job opportunities to help you start your career.

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