6 Easy Steps to Creating an Effective Fresh Graduate Resume


Congratulations! You’re finally done with endless projects and class reports. You’ll no longer see those class bullies and terror teachers. Receiving that college diploma brings you freedom and bliss, all at once. However, in hindsight, you have this terrible doubt creeping inside your heart. You’re no longer a student, but a young professional looking for a job. Don’t be afraid to embrace this change! We’re here to help you prepare for your career. Looking for tips for creating an effective resume and resume sample for fresh graduate? Here are fresh graduate resume writing tips and sample to guide you.

Fresh Graduate Resume Writing Tips: How to Make a Resume for First Job

#1 Write with a purpose
Always start with the Whys. In writing your resume, always think about your goal. Think about how you could win the competition through your resume. Highlight your skills to impress your hiring managers. Also, it would be helpful if you will customize your resume depending on the job post. This will make your copy authentic and personal.

#2 Make it relevant
Since you don’t have enough work background, it is best to include your internship and volunteer works. These will help you show your leadership and communication skills. You may also include extracurricular activities from school to display your social skills.

#3 Use proper format
There are different resume formats for various types of job hunters. For resume for fresh graduate, it is advisable to use a functional format. Unlike other formats, this focuses on skills list and experience rather than work history. Using this format will help you present your skills better and de-emphasize your limited work history. If you’re looking for an entry-level resume template, then here’s a guide for you:

#4 Keep it short and simple
Don’t make it too long and complex. Hiring managers don’t have lots of time to review your resume. Thus, make it direct and powerful. If possible, limit it to one page and use simpler yet stronger words.

#5 Prepare a digital copy
Since firms are automating their hiring processes, they will most likely ask you to submit a digital copy of your resume. Thus, always prepare for a PDF file to avoid the hassle. This is also helpful if you want to submit your resume to online job portals like Filworx.

#6 Check it thrice
Hiring managers are particular to grammatical errors and misspelled words. Proofread your resume before hitting that submit button. It will be helpful if you will download online tools for checking or have a friend to read and check your copy.

Fresh Graduate Resume Writing Tips and Template

Moving Forward

Don’t be afraid to approach the new chapter of your life. All you need to do is prepare yourself through these fresh graduate resume writing tips. Make your first job hunting experience count. Filworx is here to help you find your dream job. Looking for more work and resume writing tips? Visit our blogs to find more!