Voip Network Engineer

Date Posted: February 23, 2023

Company Overview

Filweb Asia, Incorporated is a world class provider of prime business and knowledge process outsourcing (BPO/KPO) services. We focus on delivering value-added back office solutions, media platform designs, and various other offshore outsourcing solutions. Our ultimate goal is to bring long-term benefits to your organization and your markets.

Job Description

  • Responsible for the engineering, design, support, upgrades, and maintenance across all technology platforms deployed throughout the network, datacenter, and cloud locations. This includes, but is not limited to, the Netsapiens, Sansay, Audio Codes, Fax Back, Microsoft Teams (Operator Connect and Direct Routing), and Juniper platforms.
  • Responsible for Network, Voice, Systems, and Cloud monitoring, performance, and remediation. Continual evaluation of network security, voice security, number looping, number hacking, DDoS and other network security, voice related, system related events, audit logs, syslogs, and alarms.
  • Responsible for training support on how to handle network security, voice security, number looping, number hacking, DDoS and other network security, voice related, system related events
  • Subject Matter Expert in Microsoft Teams Phone system. Building, designing, maintaining, documenting.
  • Assist in the engineering, design, support, maintenance, and upgrade of all platforms, including the IP network and Communications platforms.
  • Continual evaluation of current infrastructure to maintain high availability and performance and security posture across all platforms and systems
  • Develop standardized provisioning process for all current and future products, features, and capabilities.
  • Maintain engineering documentation of network design, security design, platform design, server infrastructure design, data center design, and carrier interconnection design.
  • Responsible for all carrier trunk design and carrier trunk capacity management
  • Maintain carrier trunk capacity management. Responsible for all design changes and capacity upgrades
  • Maintain high level of security management and compliance across all platforms adhering to the corporate security policies and industry compliance standards, such as ISO, SOC, HIPAA
  • Design, implement, and maintain monitoring tools for all network, communication, server systems, assisting in maintaining adequate system monitoring and system performance.
  • Monitor current network server infrastructure, review performance, storage capacity, and recommend upgrades
  • Primary point of contact for all Tier 3 technical support issues.
  • Mentor and train all Tier I, Tier II and other staff to bring them up to their best potential.
  • Submit tickets to platform vendors and work closely to manage all ticket activity from submission to resolution
  • Continual evaluation, testing and documentation of new system features and capabilities
  • Provide communications across the organization primarily to sales, provisioning, and the executive team of new feature deployment associated with software upgrades and system modifications
  • Evaluate emerging and new technologies and features to assist in product development.
  • Identify network and platform upgrade requirements and assist in the preparation of annual capital budget
  • Provide updates on the overall health of the network and identify issues or concerns that need to be addressed
  • Participate in an on-call rotation for Tier III escalation needs.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent
  • 3 + years of Engineering, IT, Telecom Networking, software development experience
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Teams and ZenDesk
  • MS-700 and MS-720 Certification
  • Next Generation computing, microservice architecture, containers, Docker, Kubernetes, virtualization, hypervisors, etc.
  • Code and Container repository management, github, gitlab, git
  • Technology vision and leadership skills
  • Extensive knowledge deploying and managing cloud-based carrier phone systems
  • Microsoft Azure AAD and Teams ecosystem
  • PowerShell Scripting, Azure, AWS, GCP CLIs
  • API Testing and Integration, webhook configuration, json and xml parsing, curl, javascript, php, etc.
  • Knowledge in IT infrastructure and design management
  • Experience with Telecom networks, SIP trunking design and management
  • IP Networking including routing and switch design
  • Firewall/Zero Trust Security best practices
  • System Security best practices – idP, SSO, MFA, RBAC
  • Cloud Based Solutions in Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud
  • Knowledgeable with customer phone system configurations and call flow management
  • Technology project management experience
  • Experience providing phone and email technical support to business customers
  • IT desktop experience and knowledge of customer LAN setups
  • Knowledgeable with Linux operating system
  • Extensive knowledge with large data files and database reporting and manipulation
  • Solid organizational ability, exceptional time management skills, and adept at working independently and in team environments
  • Knowledge in working with cloud-based project management, workflow management, ticketing, and support software
  • Self-starter able to work independently in a home office environment
  • Exceptional communication skills both written and verbal
  • Self-starter able to work with minimal supervision