Senior Writer

Date Posted: January 03, 2022

Job Description

  • Conducting thorough research on materials relating to creative lab’s projects through first and second hand resources such as but not limited to internet, publications, visual, and print media
  • Verify facts, statistical data, dates, and evidences using standard and defined resources
  • Conduct interviews as deemed necessary to stakeholders, beneficiaries, and other related individuals/companies which may serve as an imperative factor in developing articles, scripts, and other materials
  • Engage in field work as identified by the company to recognize stories and scope of projects
  • Draft and revise key informant interview (kii) questions and/or focus group discussion (fgd) guides as needed in data gathering
  • Provide technical input in the crafting of content plan for creative lab publications
  • Generate well-structured feature articles, technical reports, descriptions, knowledge guides, information booklets, scripts, copywriting and other written materials for creative lab projects
  • Review the articles, technical reports, descriptions, knowledge guides, information booklets, scripts, and other written materials for creative lab projects
  • Style, edit, proofread and identify possible inaccuracies in spelling, punctuation and syntax
  • Produce output for intended audiences in a timely manner while adhering to highest quality standards
  • Abide by agreed deadlines of drafts, revisions, and other deliverables
  • Check final drafts of content to ensure integrity of work and that the text is error-free which includes but are not limited to, grammatical, punctuation and spelling checks as well as the verification of facts and data
  • Review the output seeing if the work is in alignment with the publications’ specific writing and editorial styles while ensuring readability, clarity and conciseness
  • Develop page plans which may entail providing inputs for page layouts, placement of articles and other elements of the publications
  • Coordinate with the creative director, the creative team and project managers to encompass the client’s requisites and interests
  • Represent assist professionally during meetings/events/gatherings
  • Supervise external and internal writing staff ensuring quality and timeliness of delivery and integrity of work


  • Minimum 5 years work experience as an employee in the end-to-end development of written content for a variety of communication products
  • At least a bachelor’s degree holder in the field of communication research, development communications, journalism, mass communications and other related fields
  • Has had sufficient experience doing field research and can be deployed for travel to project sites for data collection
  • Sufficient track record, proficiency and comfortability in the production of varied outputs ranging from feature-type write-ups, script writing, technical writing, etc.