Hubspot Specialist

Date Posted: January 03, 2022

Company Overview

Filweb Asia, Incorporated is a world class provider of prime business and knowledge process outsourcing (BPO/KPO) services. We focus on delivering value-added back office solutions, media platform designs, and various other offshore outsourcing solutions. Our ultimate goal is to bring long-term benefits to your organization and your markets.

Job Description

  • Partner with our sales team to effectively resolve hubspot-related issues; maintain comprehensive knowledge of hubspot to effectively advise sales team
  • Provide support & guidance to our marketing and sales team to navigate hubspot effectively, and aid in creating workflows, templates, sequences, etc. That will help to automate our process.
  • Develop layouts and send monthly newsletters, nurture campaigns, blogs/landing pages, and other emails through hubspot as required
  • Setup the proper foundation to nurture leads coming in through zoominfo integration.
  • Support the process of implementing vazoola’s hubspot strategy to integrate with sales and marketing by coordinating with marketing automation manager and partners.


  • Must have a strong understanding of hubspot CRM, sales, and marketing, including any necessary certifications.
  • Must be able to demonstrate previous success running hubspot for another company.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with management and sales team.
  • Any other experience with other CRM’s and/or email marketing platforms is a plus.
  • Previous experience managing hubpot (CRM, sales, marketing) is required.