Filweb Asia Inc.


1 Year

Processing Time

2 Weeks (Slow)

Multimedia Artist

Date posted: January 19, 2021

Company Overview

Filweb asia, incorporated is a world class provider of prime business and knowledge process outsourcing (BPO/KPO) services. We focus on delivering value-added back office solutions, media platform designs, and various other offshore outsourcing solutions. Our ultimate goal is to bring long-term benefits to your organization and your markets.

Job Description

  • Use computer programs and illustrations to create graphics and animation (images that appear to move)
  • Can work independently or with a team to create a movie, game, or visual effect
  • Research upcoming projects to help create realistic designs or animation
  • Edit animation and effects on the basis of feedback from directors, other animators, game designers, or clients


  • Bachelor's degree in fine arts, computer graphics, animation or a related field.
  • With good portfolio and strong technical skills
  • Should have artistic ability and a good understanding of color, texture, and light.
  • Need to work as part of a complex team and respond well to criticism and feedback.
  • Use computer programs or write programming code to do most of their work.
  • Must be able to think creatively to develop original ideas and make them come to life.