1 Year

Processing Time

1 Day (Fast)


Company Overview

FilWeb Asia, Incorporated is a world class provider of prime business and knowledge process outsourcing (BPO/KPO) services. We focus on delivering value-added back office solutions, media platform designs, and various other offshore outsourcing solutions. Our ultimate goal is to bring long-term benefits to your organization and your markets.

Job Description

Expected Knowledge:
1.Firewalls, switches and routers, most often Meraki and PF sense.
2.Windows Server, install, configure, and troubleshoot.
3.Active directory, add users, change passwords, troubleshoot sync issues.
4.Virtual Machines and related software. Migration, backup and more.
5.Cloud services such as AWS and other hosting solutions.
6.Desktop support, usually Windows but occasionally Macs or phones.
Technician should demonstrate critical thinking as well as decent verbal and written communication, active listening and conflict resolution skills.


•    Strong sense of discretion and confidentiality required
•    Understanding of IT principles and an ability to communicate technical concepts effectively to a varied audience
•    Ability to meet deadlines and manage stress effectively in high-pressure situations
•    2+ years’ experience on current network operating systems
•    3+ years’ experience in computer networks and systems maintenance
•    Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field