1 Year

Processing Time

1 Week (Moderate)

Data Validation Operator

Job Description

We provide a website where people can search for charity organizations who may be able to help them with their problems. This might be mental health issues, financial assistance or legal advice. To make this work, we have an AI system that scrapes the web for information on these organizations and their services, and categorizes this data into a format the system can use.

Part of this process requires a human to help the system tag some of this data, and review any mistakes made by the system.

We will only consider applicants who read the following document and apply using the instructions contained in it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1v QWkuyNO9zsYFpe5VZ7L1beILD 2TwUTeBbn7sTHt-MAOvBxbc76 oMln_vuEGUK9WfZzWnV5nOg8C 0yu/pub


The job is to review data coming into our system from websites and help the system to tag it correctly. To do so, you’ll need:

  • A good level of written English to understand information coming in

  • Ability to communicate over the phone fluently in English for training and review calls

  • The ability to quickly read and find relevant information in websites

  • An ability to work quickly on computers

  • To be fast at tagging / classification tasks, and comfortable with making quick decisions

  • To be comfortable working on your own, without daily feedback or contact

  • To live in India or the Philippines

The work is repetitive, as you will have a long queue of similar tasks to complete. However, if you show you’re capable, there are lots of other task types we can give you.

You will be working remotely, using your own computer. You will receive training over the phone with our Service Manager, who will also schedule regular calls with you to review your progress and any issues that come up. Our Service Manager is based in Bangkok, so these calls would be within office hours Indochina time.